How to Pack a MultiWrap

It might seem like an odd topic, but this is a question we get asked a lot! 

Every MultiWrap dress from Eliza & Ethan comes inside a luxury velvet pouch. Once you get the dress out, it can seem a bit daunting trying to get it back inside, so we have made a video to show you how. 

Here, Louise, (filmed by the awesome Tade) will teach you how to pop the One-Size MultiWrapinto the bag, there are written instructions below the video too. 

The Full Video can be viewed here:

Step 1

Holding the skirt by the west, let the straps hang in front and fold the dress in half lengthways with the straps on the outside. 

Step 2 

Fold the dress in half, lengthways, and then half again to make a little square. 

Step 3 

Wrap the remaining straps around the square parcel, making sure to wrap them tightly. 

Step 4

Put your parcelled dress inside the bandeau and wrap the bandeau around it. 

Step 5

Open the bag and pop the dress in!